The Abertine Graben Environmental Monitoring Plan

Report: The Environmental Monitoring Plan for the Albertine Graben 2012-2017

The Albertine Graben region in western Uganda is widely known for its richness in both flora and fauna, and over the last decade it has also received much attenton for its deposits of oil and gas as well as the exploraion of these resources. The oil and gas
that are being rapidly explored engages many stakeholders and it is expected that when the extracton of these resources begins, it will have great economic impact on the country. Concurrently, it is also expected that developments in the region will have a lasting impact
on the unique environment of the Albertine Graben. It is against this background that the Natonal Environment Management Authority in partnership with other stakeholders from the Environmental Informaton Network has worked towards producing an Environmental Monitoring Plan for the Albertine Graben (AG EMP).

The AG EMP is intended as a guiding tool in tracking the impact which oil and gas-related
developments will have on the environment of the Albertine Graben. As such, the monitoring plan lists a number of environmental monitoring indicators that will be used to monitor a defined list of five major Valued Ecosystem Components, including: aquatic, terrestrial, physical/chemical, society, and management & business. Over time, the monitoring indicators will demonstrate progress and changes in the ecosystem components, signaling when environmental management in the petroleum sector is on track, or giving early warnings for when developments are heading in the wrong direction.

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The Environmental Monitoring Plan for the Albertine Graben 2012-2017
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