Using the data in QGIS

This guide will show you how you can connect to the map server for and use the data directly in QGIS. The example shows WMS, but it is relatively easy to use WFS instead.

  1. Open QGIS
  2. Select an appropriate background map. The OpenLayers plugin allows you to select several open maps, as well as Bing maps and others.
  3. The symbols on the left hand side points to different data sources. The WMS-icon is highlighted.
  4. The dialogue opened shows current map servers in a drop down menu. To add wms-services from press the “New” button.open_wms_dialogue_select
  5. Write a name for the connection and paste the getcapabilities link as shown on this page into the URL-field.
    wms_enter data
  6. After saving the connection with its default settings you connect to the server. This will give you a list of all WMS-layers. Connect to one of them – we chose Dolphin sites.
  7. The final map shows documented dolphin sites along the coast.