The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is honoured to present the Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas for the Albertine Graben. This atlas provides data on environmentally, economically, and culturally sensitive areas located within the Albertine Graben. Emphasis is placed on those areas that may need special consideration in the event of an oil spill. I sincerely thank all Government departments and Local Governments under the Environment Information Network who worked tirelessly to produce this atlas. I do immensely appreciate their invaluable contribution. I thank the various organizations and individuals who provided data, photographs, satellite images and information that were used in the analysis and production of maps. All sources of data are acknowledged and referenced where they appear in the atlas. Special thanks go to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Uganda who provided the bulk of the funds used in the production of the atlas. I do greatly appreciate the technical and financial contributions of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in the preparation and production of this atlas. Thanks also go to the World Wide Fund(WWF) who provided funds for printing and for development of a database on the NEMA website. I also thank the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for both the technical and financial support in the production of this atlas. Finally, I must thank my staff who contributed immensely and tirelessly in the initiation, preparation and printing of this invaluable resource material. I hope the information in this atlas is put to good use by all stakeholders in the oil for development strategy to ensure sustainable use and protection of natural resources in the Albertine Graben of Uganda. I do wish all good reading. Aryamanya-Mugisha, Henry (Ph.D) EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY (NEMA)

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