The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is with great pleasure honoured to present the Albertine Graben Baseline Report. The Baseline report is a product of concerted effort by various stakeholders that take tribute for the successful completion of the report. It contains baseline information explaining the status of the Albertine Graben (Environmentally, Socially, Economically and culturally) before extensive exploration and production of Oil and Gas.

I would like on behalf of the management of NEMA to extend special thanks to all Government departments and Local Governments under the Environment Information Network who worked tirelessly to produce this report. We do immensely appreciates there invaluable contribution. We thank the various organization and individuals who collected and provided data, photographs, satellite images and information that were used in the analysis and production of maps. All sources of data are acknowledged and referenced where they appear in the Report.

I would like to also extend special thanks to the Norwegian Government, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian Environment Agency for the assistance rendered both financial and technical, in conducting the baseline studies and finalising the Baseline report.

Finally, I would like to thank NEMA staff who contributed immensely and tirelessly in the initiation, preparation and printing of this information in addition to coordinating and guiding the entire reporting process.

Hopefully this information will be put to great use by all stakeholders involved in the monitoring of Oil and Gas activities in the Albertine Graben as a guiding tool in promoting sustainable development in the region for the betterment of the current and future generations.

Dr. Tom O. Okurut
Excutive Director
National Environment Management Authority