The Albertine Graben region in western Uganda is widely known for its richness in both flora and fauna. Over the last decade it has received much attention for its deposits of oil and gas as well as the exploration of these resources. The exploration of these resources involves several stakeholders and once extraction has started will have great economic implications on the country. It is also expected that developments in the region will have an impact on the unique environment of the Albertine Graben.

The Baseline report is a product of high level consultation and collaboration with the relevant sectors and partners. The report draws on the data and information collected, held and contributed by the various stakeholders. The Environment Information Network (EIN) institutions representing the environment system themes form the core of the contributing institutions and constitute the authorship of the report. This enriches the documentation and understanding of the state of the environment in the Albertine Graben.

The National Environment Management Authority with assistance from the Norwegian Government has conducted several baseline studies within this region under 5 thematic areas (Aquatic, Terrestrial, Physical & Chemical, Society and Business & Management) and has developed a baseline report for the Albertine Graben. The baseline data captured in the report is intended to help measure the degree and quality of change under the five thematic areas and this will be used concurrently with the Albertine Graben Environmental Monitoring Plan (AGEMP) in tracking the impact of oil and gas related developments within the region.

The baseline report provides a clear picture of the current state of the Albertine Graben, the likely drivers of change in the region resulting from the exploration of Oil & Gas and the indicators that will be used to measure the extent/degree of change. Due to the rapid change in the environment as a result of oil & gas exploration, the National environment Management Authority has published this report as a monitoring instrument to protect the Environment in the Albertine Graben region.